OpenStack and/or VMware conundrum

Barring his subtle product [Cloudify] promotion I thought Nati Shalom [GigaSpaces founder] has thoughtfully crafted this blog about dealing with OpenStack and/or VMware conundrum

My thoughts on OpenStack

Common notion is OpenStack is a part of third platform build out efforts by the community in unison

True SDDC is a reality by SDI(nfra) which enables the underlying Infra to be 3 big P’s — Programmable, Pluggable and Portable

OpenStack could be a strong answer to all those P’s🙂

Yes, Cost is a killer in VMW ecosystem but OpenStack is not quite ready for legacy apps work loads (I may be wrong!). But with community and industry behemoths’ push it’s inching towards ‘Darling of the masses’ stature!

Scientists are new Developers

OpenStack helped discovering God particle [a.k.a Boson Higgs]

Before we all try connecting the dots, Story is the physicists @ CERN discovered Boson Higgs with the compute resources are hosted in a OpenStack private cloud🙂

Excerpts from CERN IT guy’s interview [Tim Bell]


* OpenStack private cloud consists of Git/Ceph/Elasticsearch/Puppet/Kibana/Foreman/RDO/Jenkins/Rundeck — a classic DevOps ecosystem

* Private Cloud spans across 2 Data Centers, 1000+ servers, 1000+ active users in Production since mid-2013

* Started with Grizzly and upgraded with every release [now running on Icehouse edition]

* That’s pretty aggressive but a solid use case for Enterprises wary of twice a year release cycles

* Scientists are a new breed of developers in DevOps’ own way !